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Dell 6220 i7

Core i7,  2nd Generation, Ram 8GB, Hardisk 128GB, Screen Size 12.5″




  1. Once Sold no Return and Exchange.
  2. LCD/TOUCH have no Warranty.
  3. We only provide warranties that have been given by manufacturers / if an item from the manufacturer is not with warranty then only a checking warranty is provided.
  4. No warranties are entertained after the stated time of coverage and type of coverage mentioned on the invoice.
  5. Accidental damage or burnt items/ including liquid spilling is not covered in any sort of warranty what so ever.
  6. A spot or line developing in a led/lcd unit or display of a device is not covered in any warranty, please ensure you check the device while buying it. A dead display is also not covered in warranty.
  7. Electrical surge and damage caused there in is not covered in warranty Most Items sold are pre-Checked at multiple points to ensure they work. However if a problem develops in the stated time of warranty, we will entertain that and fix the issue. It can take up to 5 working days to determine if the claim is qualified or not.
  8. Used items mostly come with 3 to 7 days checking warranty, unless stated otherwise.
  9. International warranties are to be covered by the respected manufacturer at their local or centers abroad even though sold by us.
  10. If a warranty qualifies with us then a period of 2 to 6 weeks can pass before it is resolved.
  11. No warranties shall be entertained without an invoice and undamaged original packaging.


  1. Since we value our customers we understand that it can be a hassle fixing issues if an item is not covered in warranty and can be frustrating, so we ensure you that we will assist you as much as possible with resources and support to get the issue resolved.
  2. We advise you make a small video while unpacking and unboxing the product received by you to ensure there was no damage in shipping. Although that is covered by the courier service unless it’s a direct delivery by our representative.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse a warranty claim if our technicians determine foul play of any sort, including tampering and mishandling or misuse of the product.
  4. No software support or software product is covered in warranty. Also we are not liable for any data loss occurring due to software or hardware issues. It is best you always backup your data externally or on cloud based services.

Refunds / Exchanges:-

We do not refund or exchange items once sold. However within a period of 72 hours there is a buy back policy, given the product has not been tampered with and is in original state and is not damaged, including all its packing material (if any). The deduction of 25% will apply on the invoice value. However we do not encourage this at all. We also have a complete right to refuse to buy back or refund / exchange any good or item sold.


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